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With over three decades of experience in the hair design industry, Alicia Igess Jones has built a reputation as an industry innovator and entrepreneur.



Who is

One of the most recognizable names on the Atlanta hair design scene, award-winning veteran hairstylist Alicia Igess Jones is an industry powerhouse with over three decades of experience and a lifetime of passion fueling her success. Inspired by her motivation to help her clients look and feel their best both inside and out, Alicia is also the creative force behind one of Atlanta’s hottest multicultural makeover studios, Urban Tangles. 


From a young age, Alicia always admired the seemingly effortless way that hair stylists could transform their clients’ looks and confidence. She was first exposed to the allure and passion of the hair design industry as a little girl, where she watched and learned from her grandmother, who ran a successful hair salon. Alicia credits her inspiration for her career and her entrepreneurial spirit to her grandmother. 


“My grandmother ran a successful hair salon, got her GED when she was in her thirties, was a real estate agent, and even owned her own gas station! And this was back in the days when women weren’t’ expected to do much outside the home,” Alicia recalls.


And the way her grandmother effortlessly juggled it all while helping her salon clients embrace their beauty and confidence inspired Alicia to follow in her footsteps. 


With scissors in her hand, an eagerness to beautify the world around her, and the curiosity of a child, Alicia established her first client base at the age of 11. Backed by both her mom’s support and kitchen, which she used as her makeshift salon, Alicia recalls how her mom gave her a lot of credit—and so did others. Friends, family, and neighbors let her experiment with some avant-garde styles, Alicia recounts with a laugh, and kept coming back.



As a young adult, Alicia continued to hone her craft and take the lessons and passion her grandmother instilled in her and transformed them into a successful career. While working toward her Bachelor of Science degree from Tennessee State University, Alicia kept a robust client base on the side and then pursued her Master Cosmetologist certification from the State of Georgia while she spent a year as a high school teacher.


With her certification in hand, her sights set on new goals, and backed by her family’s legacy of entrepreneurs, Alicia founded her first salon, Urban Tangles, in the MLK historic district of Atlanta. Finding incredible success and an expanding clientele, she moved the salon to Buckhead, where it operated for 12 years.

Alicia’s success with Urban Tangles and her high level of technical skills, creativity, and industry knowledge gained her industry accolades. She was recruited by the GreenRoom Agency, a premier agency for top talent in the hair, makeup, and wardrobe industries. She has also worked with a number of celebrities, including the late Ruby Dee. But no matter who her client is, Alicia is still driven by her passion to deliver an exceptional, celebrity-worth experience to help her clients love their look and embrace their confidence. 

With this commitment to service in mind, Alicia’s clients continually cite her dependability, friendliness, consistency, and knowledge. “My clients have busy lives, so being able to give them a realistic timeframe that they’ll be in the chair helps everyone.” 

And Alicia’s passion to create a more beautiful and confident world extends beyond the salon. She is an active contributor to a number of Atlanta-area organizations and charities, especially those benefiting children in the community who are most at-risk of falling through the cracks. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. 


Today, Alicia is continuing to realize her vision to help others achieve their beauty goals by expanding her efforts through her salon Urban Tangles. Her plans include re-envisioning the salon to create a full-service makeover studio that also helps serve as an educational space and showcase for the Cosmetology industry’s hottest up and coming beauty industry talent. 

Her Philosophy

Alicia is more than a hairstylist. She is an entrepreneur. If you come in contact with her, you will learn that she desires to do things well. Her goal is to help you look and feel your absolute best—both inside and out. She has mastered styling, cutting and coloring any texture and type of hair.


She knows that you don’t have the time to stay on top of all of the current trends and developments in the hair and beauty industry. Alicia stays educated in the latest trends and techniques, so you can put your full trust in her to help you achieve a look that you love while educating you on today’s most popular hair and makeup trends that best complement your lifestyle and unique needs. 


Her talent is more than just talented. She is serious about hair and has it down to a science, from the best haircuts and styles to match your texture to what type of extensions will provide the most natural look. 


Alicia is committed to providing high-performance products that help make your dream look a reality. From the haircare products she shampoos and styles your hair with to the extensions she offers to the mascara used to complete your look, she is committed to using products that are high-performing and delivers a flawless look every time. 


Her ultimate goal? To help you achieve your hair and makeup goals, but in a way that you can make it a reality each day.




By Alicia Igess

I'm creating a world for the next generation of hair stylists and women who are ready to live their life fulfilled.  Get to know the brands and experiences.

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